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Thursday, October 31, 2013

I never thought angels will cry

Fallen Angel by onkel_wart (thomas lieser)
Fallen Angel, a photo by onkel_wart (thomas lieser) on Flickr.

Today I'm feeling the pain deep inside
You're no more with me,
I won't blame you for what happned
The line was very thin between us
I tried to keep my heart strong
but it's my destiny to bear this pain for ever
It's my punishment for loosing the fight
Give me a good bye kiss for the last time
Tell me on my face that you never want to see my face again
I tried to hold my breath, beacuse every breath gives me pain
You are the fallen angel I found some years back
you speak the words of my heart, eyes so pure
actions so loving, you wisperd words I wanted to hear
You loved me as I always wanted to get loved

I thought angels are strong as God
How an angel get hurt..?
How an angel can harm you..?
But I was wrong, Angels can fall

They get hurt, they cry, their tears can bun you in hell
I unknowingly wounded a free beautiful angel
I made her fall on rocks & I draged her through mud
I never thought angels can also fall
I never thought angels can get hurt
I never thought angels will cry
I never thought angels can curse me to burn in hell
Today I'm on my knees, for forgiveness
I deserve what I'm going through now.
Everyting changed badly, very badly.
I'm a prisoner of hell, I reached where I belong.