This blog is dedicated to my love. She is an Angel in disguise. She is my FALLEN ANGEL..

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Friday, November 22, 2013

When we say good bye

Alone by inconvergent
Alone, a photo by inconvergent on Flickr.

Today she felt crying missing me
I hate this feeling of missing
Thoughts always comes & leaves me back in blue
Me too missing everything about you baby
I'm missing your arms around me
Holding me tight close to your heart

I'm missing your beautiful eyes
Where I can always see how much special I’m
I'm missing your arms,
holding I can walk miles after miles
I'm missing your smile
I feel proud when I make you smile
I always wants to live proudly

I'm missing the time we spent together
We talk, we laugh, we fight like fools
We take walks & try to get close as much
When we say good bye
I just bay bye to my heart
When I turn back & walk
I just feel nothing inside
Until we meet again…

She looks like a launched missile

She beg for kisses in public
I feel high when she crave for things
I love to make her plead for things
She is the hottest thing I ever touched

The way she eats & drinks before me
It feels as if she is consuming me
She looks like a launched missile
No turn back it will explode for sure

My self control starts to melt in front of her heat
She looks at me like a hungry Godzilla
And I explode like a volcano
Lava covers everything that comes on the way
Even I can eat the whole Godzilla

She looks like a love machine
I never saw her tired, hungry to do more & more
She needs a terminator to make her slow down
A silent terminator who got the will & heart to love her