This blog is dedicated to my love. She is an Angel in disguise. She is my FALLEN ANGEL..

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Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Happy Fallen day to my Angel

Happy Fallen day to my Angel

I write these lines on this very special day,
The Birthday of the most special person in my life
My best friend, Love of my life, My Baby

I know it's not a time for you to celebrate
Your days are dark and nights are foggy.
Half part of your heart is not well.

But I know as you are Gods favorite child
He may have planned a brighter day with
lots of Happiness and surprises.
Your heart gona get well soon
and will beat in the rhythm as it used to be.

Fog will disappear
Moon will reflect the light to fill the darkness
Stars will sparkle in the ebony skies
Days will be filled with whispers of love
Coldness born inside will get warm with our sensual embrace

Being deeply loved by you is beautiful,
Let’s look into each other’s eyes to see the cries and smiles
Let’s kiss each other’s forehead to take away the pain
Let’s keep this love of ours lightened forever..
Happy Birthday To My Angel
Happy Fallen day to my Angel