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Friday, March 28, 2014

I loved you a lot

Once upon a time there was a girl. She was brave and loving. She was playing in a garden when she saw a tree standing alone in a corner. People were taking its fruits and than as per needs used to cut its leaves and branches. Childrens used to play and people used to even throw there garbage near the tree. Though the tree was big enough and strong. That girl became frnds with the tree and started protecting that tree. She thought  the tree why you give your fruits to everyone you shuld give it to only who loves you. She started protecting him
She thought one day his friend that tree would learn. But of no use. Simply becoause somethings are made up for some purpose. A tree moves according to seasons. Fruits, leaves, and branches grow on him and people take its benefit thats how this has been destined. That stupid silly girl tried and waited alott for that tree to learn saving him. But thats not how things are. Everyday she pushed that tree to take him home so that she can keep him close. But of no use. That tree cant move his roots holded him very strong.  Everyone told her stop fooling yourself trees dont move But she didnt heard to anyone. You know love is blind.
But time reveals its real core. One day when she was protecting the tree from other kids who was hurting the tree, she got hurted when other children beaten her bad. And you know what ofcourse that tree doesn't  helped her being unable to move. Than she realised the real life. Shon from the day we started I tried hard to see that one change in you. Several fights and several patchups but no single change in you
You are same the way u were. Because you are deep rooted the way you are, like that tree.
You can not walk with me on the path of life.
You are you
Made for a purpose
But for sure that purpose is not set for me or for us
I know all this will hurt you
But I knw later on you will be ok
Thats how you're
All the hopes rather foolish expectations have died today.  No more stupidities. I know you will miss me whenever people will take your fruits but thts how your destiny had decided for you.
I want to accept the realities. In real of course you are not tree but u are alike.
I want to live alone. With the real world
Hope you will live your life the better way if possible. I know it will hurt you , I know you will be broke down, but I know your world of thoughts and your capacity to stand alone will surely make up every thing in future.
And in the end I would say
Ofcourse I loved you a lot
May god bless you