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Friday, September 06, 2013

thoughts of a one another sleepless night...

sometimes there is no difference between a strong and a weak person..
both have to bear the nonsense of life due to their personality
both have to be alone in life.
both have to bear their pain by themselves only..
no one would come for their escape.
both knows the art of tolerance
both suffers due to their own selves..
both at one point or another hate themselves
its 5 in the morning and I didn't slept whole nyt thinking about whats the difference than ..
there has to be some difference .
I think at this juncture of struggle
I feel strong people has never hopes of somebody being standing with them
to support and weak people have always this benefit of getting supported and
loved end number of times in their life
because they knows the art of telling that we need someone
\and we stupid strong people chooses to be that someone
because we have learnt the art of pretending that we don't need
anyone and we will manage our own how stupid
just to be the hope of someone
we chose to be be alone .. to be mountain..
lucky weak people they know one day or another they will get their hope..
what a bad luck..

i want to be free

I am just tired of myself..
this stronginess of mine is making me in prison of my ownself.
I want to live normal
I just hate for being like this
every time any thing goes beyond my thoughts and everytime I say its ok..
but its not ok..
I want to cry aloud
I want to crib , I want to complaint , I want to get pampered..
I want to share my every insecurities, my pain, my desires, my wishes
I want to be annoying , irritating, and bad..
but this is just not happening
my ownself is not allowing me to do so..
I want to handover my all worries to someone who I know will take care of me..
I want some shoulders to cry for.
I want someone to let me please take me out of , myownself  give his hands and say why the hell you don't share and bear all your nonsense thoughts alone. I m there tell me and I will see what needs to be done and I will say every single thought of mine.
but that's just not happening. because I m strong I am supposed to be like this. that I will handle and manage alone. I myself has made me this stupid strong person.
but I m tired now
I want to break down in to pieces with a hope that somebody would collect me again and will make a different me out of my own broken pieces.
I just badly wants to be free of my self my ownself..