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Sunday, April 03, 2016

You don’t have to look behind...

My ember has created the dreams for you You don’t have to see that You don’t remain watching that Who are you to me..? You don’t have to tell, to anyone You don’t have to tell the stories also Between us…. You don’t have to hear the murmuring song You don’t have to sing along also You don’t have to dance along Simply to walk behind You don’t have to ask the permission You don’t have to look behind Without meeting the eye to eye “Are you seeing me”…? “Can you speak anything”..? Getting wet in the eyes, is this the tear drop…? My wish, is it you…? In the soul, of this song As the pain is lingered You don’t have to know that You shouldn't know anything But still I will sing This song is mine own Always mine own....  The little talks in the mind You understood without saying You didn’t Talk anything to me Then when you are seen Within my heart You are the divine In this relationship As a result of that Without you knowing You have know it My heart Without knowing it You also unites

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